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Prosthodontic & Restorative Dentistry in Augusta, GA

Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence

A person’s smile is often one of the first qualities other people notice. Broken or missing teeth can severely impact a person’s self-esteem, along with affecting the overall function of their teeth when chewing, speaking, or simply moving the jaw and mouth. Dr Nalley in Augusta, GA specializes in prosthodontic dentistry, a branch of dentistry that focuses primarily on restorative dental techniques to repair or replace missing or damaged teeth. Prosthodontics can help restore a patient’s confidence and natural function of their mouth by implementing a mixture of simple and complex procedures, including fixing or removing dentures, implants, crowns, bridges, and much more.

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Comfortable, Friendly, Patient-Focused Dental Care

Dr. Nalley brings over four decades of restorative dentistry experience, having spent his career studying and practicing as a prosthodontist. Our practice is dedicated to providing the comfortable, patient-focused care you deserve. Our friendly dental team will guide you through the dental procedure options available to you and offer insight to help you make the most informed decision. Contact us today to schedule your new dental patient consultation and get back on the path of optimized oral health.

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Why See a Prosthodontist for Dental Restoration?

“Prosthodontist” is a term that many patients may not be familiar with, but the services they perform are a critical part of the dental world. A prosthodontist undergoes additional years of advanced training after graduating from dental school. They are highly trained to diagnose, treat, and maintain their patients’ smiles to reinforce oral function, appearance, and comfort. From replacing a single tooth to addressing significant oral trauma, a prosthodontist like Dr. Nalley offers expert dental care to help develop the most effective, individualized dental solutions for patients in need. For the finest in specialty dental treatment, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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